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Sat, June 7 – Lost & Found

June 7 - Lost & Found

One of my favourite new venues in Toronto. Small room, good system, open format. Arrive early.

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04.05.13 – NYOOD

May 4 - Nyood

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02.05.13 – F-STOP

May 2 - FSTOP

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27.04.13 – MUZIK (TORONTO)

April 27 - MUZIK

For booth / vip reservations, please contact MUZIK   +1 416 595 9998

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13.04.13 – NYOOD (TORONTO)

April 13 - NYOOD 1

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Electric Touch 3 Art

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12.04.13 – 1812 @ THOMPSON HOTEL (TORONTO)

April 13 - NYOOD

11.04.13 – BETA (WATERLOO)

11.04.13 - BETA


june 22 - bcf

The 3rd Annual Beach Club Festival is around the corner.. This is by far the biggest party of the summer!
If you were at the last two then you know what to expect.. This will sell out again so make sure you grab your tickets in advance.. Set times to follow.

25.04.13 – Rich Kidd Release Party at Wrongbar

April 25 - Rich Kidd

If you are still not familiar with Toronto’s Rich Kidd, you are about to be.. I won’t say anymore. See you at Wrongbar on April 25th!

28.03.13 – FSTOP

March 28 - FSTOP

Monthly Thursday night residency at F-STOP alongside my man DJ Ikhan.. Open format musical vibe – hip hop, r&b, dance, trap, etc.

[Video] Grey Goose Cherry Noir Launch Recap

Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 1.48.06 AM

Quick recap of the Grey Goose Cherry Noir Toronto launch I played back in February! Music produced by @BigPopsNP.

24.03.13 – Guest Mix For Strombo Show on CBC Radio


I’m playing a guest set for #TheBlend on the George Strombolopolous show tonight between 9pm-930pm EST. Tune in at 94.1 FM if in Toronto or The whole show is 8pm-11pm with a lot of great content. Shout’s to Strombo, Alex, Darby and everyone at CBC.


March 30 - Muzique Sinfonia Wristpect



Announcing a new monthly residency at Toronto’s newest venue.. PRODUCT!

30.03.13 – Grey Goose Cherry Noir Launch (Montreal Edition)

March 30 - MUZIQUE

15.03.13 – FAMOUS

March 15 - FAMOUS

Playing a guest set inside the brand new FAMOUS Nightclub in Mississauga for their pre St-Patrick’s day event! for guestlist


March 12 - Johnny Jacksons

“Hot Mess” is a new weekly party on College Street in Toronto at a cool new venue ‘Johnny Jackson’s’.. I’ll be coming in to play a monthly guest spot and the vibe + atmosphere + music is going to be different from a regular club.. Come through!

15.03.13 – FAILTE’S

MARCH 14 -

Pre St-Patrick’s Day party in Mississauga!.. Expect everything musically!

10.03.13 – Belaire Rose Canadian Launch at TIME

March 10 - TIME