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Michael Jackson [The Man & His Music] Documentary Pt. 1

Michael Jackson (the man and his music) from Andu on Vimeo.

Take this in..

James Bond: Quantum of Solace Review

I finally got a chance to check out the new bond flick, ‘Quantum of Solace’ last night after having heard mixed reviews.  I’ve seen each film at least twice; what can I say, it’s a classic series.  Although Sean Connery is the OG when it comes to playing Bond, Daniel Craig’s character is one that I am growing more and more fond of (pause?)

One of the great things about a Bond film are the villain(s).  Usually, the goals and schemes of the villains are borderline outrageous, even comedic to an extent.  However, in Quantum of Solace, the goal is politically complex, yet still believable.  I won’t even get into it because I’ll ruin the movie for those like REDEF who still haven’t seen it.

Sidenote: Perhaps the greatest Bond villain of all time is Sanchez from Licence to Kill.. Dude is completely and utterly ruthless. This guy feeds people to sharks, allows his men to rape and kill Leiter’s brand new bride, cuts out his mistress’ lover’s heart, whips his mistress, throws people into a decompression chamber and then releases pressure watching their heads explode lol, tries to feed Bond into a gigantic shredder, shoots his own financial advisor with a god damn Uzi, and then goes after 007 with a machete. He is one bad mother.. !

Then of course, there are the bond girls..! Brunettes over blondes… So Olga Kurylenko wins, and does a pretty good job at playing her role as Camille.

Throw in the cars and action sequences and you have another Bond movie worth watching.  I gotta say though, the lack of ‘gadgets’ and the mediocre ending definately ruin the potential this movie had.. Still an entertaining one.. 7/10 !

No one beats this guy though: