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2010 Stylus Awards – Thank You!

Last weekend (May 28 – June 01), The Stylus Group held the 5th Annual Stylus Spinfest & DJ Awards. The weekend’s events & Monday’s award show brought together & celebrated the deejays, artists, producers, labels, and individuals who help shape and develop Canada’s urban music scene.

Last year I won ‘Canadian Club DJ of the Year’ and thanks to your support, I was nominated for 3 awards this year (Club DJ of the Year, Toronto DJ of the Year & Mixtape of the Year) & ended up taking home 2 – Toronto DJ of the Year & Mixtape of the Year! I suck terribly at acceptance speeches and never remember to say what I want or thank the people I want to, so here goes..

Mixtape of the Year – Bridging The Gap V4 – Toronto to Virginia
Hosted By: The Clipse


Thank you to The Clipse (Malice & Pusha-T), Rick Geez, Geezy, Pharrel, Shae, NERD, Star-Trak, everyone in Virgina (all artists & producers), everyone in Toronto (all artists & producers), Bryan E. of The Legends League for the dope cover art and t-shirt design, my dude’s Bobby Redef & Sir Lancelot for making me scrap the tape & start over, my boy Mattice for his creative direction & ableton help, Mediaphase for their online distribution & support, IdeLL Clothing, Play Cloths, Orisue, Ransom, Nahright, 2Dopeboyz, all of the bloggers who posted the tape, and everyone who continues to support the movement!

Toronto DJ of The Year
Big thank you first and foremost to my parents, for being supportive of me quitting the corporate 9-5 grind to focus on DJ’ing back when it was not looking so promising.. The fact that they let me to pursue my passion at such a young age says a lot and meant a lot to me, and I’m always thankful for that. Thanks to my girl, for being so understanding and supportive as well, and of course, my entire team.. My emcee, Sir Lancelot (we consistently shut parties down together), Mediaphase, all the promoters & corporate clients whom I’ve worked with, everyone at FLOW 93.5 FM, my sponsors (IdeaLL, Orisue, Ransom, Ortofon), Stylus Group, Marc Ecko Watches and finally everyone who comes out to the parties, downloads the mixtapes/podcasts & continues to show love and support in general.. Much thanks!

For a full run down on all the winners from the 2010 Stylus DJ Awards log onto


Give Money, Make Change Pt. 2

GIVE MONEY, MAKE CHANGE – PART 2 is an effort to raise enough funds to help keep The Remix Project alive and flourishing as well as to complete the renovations and set-up of the innovative and award-winning program’s fabulous new space.


Last year Remix launched it’s first ever-annual fund-raising campaign and raised $75,000. They are extremely thankful for everyone who has supported the project and believed in the importance of the work their organization does.

Thanks to all the supporters in 2009’s Give Money Make Change campaign Remix has found a beautiful new home in the heart of Toronto at 2 Pardee Ave. Suite 201. This year’s campaign will help renovate and set-up the facility which will include a recording studio, production room, video editing suite, photography studio, creative arts centre, board room and a business incubator.

Please support give money, make change – PART 2 @ revival this Thursday.

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The Canadian Club/DiverseCity Luncheon w/ the Governor General of Canada


Monday, May 10 was an interesting and inspirational day. Click on the picture above to view the entire post via LostInTheWillderness

Wed Feb 3, 2010 – Social Media Week [Toronto]


The second annual “Social Media Week” conference will take place between February 1st – 5th, 2010 simultaneously in New York City, Berlin, London, San Francisco, Toronto and São Paulo. The five day conference will explore the profound impact that social media has on culture, business communications and society at large.

I’ll be speaking as part of a panel discussion [8.30-8.40pm] as well as playing a set later that night [11.45-12.30] as part of Toronto’s Reach & Remix showcase.

Find out more about Social Media Week

Wednesday, Feb 3, 2010
Pravda Vodka Bar
44 Wellington Street East
Toronto, ON M5E 1C7, Canada
(416) 863-5244

Recent Interview w/

Check out this recent interview w/ to find out why I do what I do, how I got started, and some of my future plans.. You can click on the pic below or hit ‘continue reading’ below.


Click below for the interview..
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Whatup world? To all those who took the time to vote for me, your support paid off. I took home “Canadian Club DJ of The Year” last night, June 1st, 2009 at The 2009 Stylus DJ Awards held here in Toronto.  I feel excited and humbled at the same time.  To have people whom you grew up looking up to, congratulate you and say you deserved it is an extremely humbling experience. I will continute to do my best to rep for this Country.  My team goes hard and we are just beginning..!
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It Starts With The DJ Conference 2.0

Music is a Business. Whether you’re an artist, DJ, manager or producer, you are a business. As entrepreneurs, our panelists understand the importance of being a registered business, having a certified accountant and marketing strategies as some key factors to a successful career. The panelists have a lot to share about self-employment, self promotion and developing a strong brand. This round will provide a forum to education and advice on maintaining an effective business plan..
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It’s 09.. Let’s go!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Hope you guys all had a safe and fun time on New Years Eve where ever you ended up. Thank you to everyone who partied with us at GOSSIP for the NBA Celebrity Soiree – the vibe was crazy..! The Toronto Raptors & Denver Nuggets were definitely in the building; my man Carmello Anthony from the Nuggets hosted my 2nd set and there is a possibility of an Allstar Mixtape in the works.. Not a bad way to start of the year!

Once again, I wanna say THANKS to everyone.. ’08 was a crazy year for me; I got to open concerts & shows for Nas, Mos Def, Just Blaze, Little Brother, EPMD etc., toured Canada & The United States, playing parties at The Playboy Mansion, in LA, Vegas, as well as private parties for Usher, John Legend, etc!!

I’m going to be working overtime to make sure this year is even better.. I have lot’s planned and tons in store!!

Thanks to everyone who has been down since day one, and to all of the recent supporters as well. To name everyone is next to impossible, so I’m going to avoid doing so for the sake of most likely leaving out names.. But a big, big thanks to everyone – if you have helped or supported me in anyway, it does NOT go unappreciated.. Trust!

So it’s a New Year.. Let’s go..!! Here’s what’s up for ’09 so far as far as clubs, radio & tours go!

Jan 3 – D’Luxe VIP Lounge inside The Guvernment
Jan 5 – The Kid Famous’ Mixtape ’365 Days Later’
Jan 6 – Niagara Falls w/ The Kid Famous
Jan 8 – ‘Redefinition Radio Show’ Podcast
Jan 8 – Entourage Thursdays @ Van Gogh’s
Jan 10 – D’Luxe VIP Lounge inside The Guvernment
Jan 13 – Scratchlab DJ Institute
Jan 15 – ‘Redefinition Radio Show’ Podcast
Jan 15 – Entourage Thursdays @ Van Gogh’s
Jan 16 – Vault Nightclub [Waterloo]
Jan 17 – D’Luxe VIP Lounge inside The Guvernment
Jan 20 – Scratchlab DJ Institute
Jan 21 – The Barking Frog [London]
Jan 22 – ‘Redefinition Radio Show’ Podcast
Jan 22 – Entourage Thursdays @ Van Gogh’s [Guelph]
Jan 23 – Elements [Kitchener]
Jan 24 – D’Luxe VIP Lounge inside The Guvernment
Jan 27 – Scratchlab DJ Institute
Jan 29 – ‘Redefinition Radio Show’ Podcast
Jan 29 – Entourage Thursdays @ Van Gogh’s [Guelph]
Jan 30 – Hi-Fi Club [Winnipeg]
Jan 31 – D’Luxe VIP Lounge inside The Guvernment

Feb 3 – Scratchlab DJ Institute
Feb 5 – ‘Redefinition Radio Show’ Podcast
Feb 5 – Entourage Thursdays @ Van Gogh’s [Guelph]
Feb 6 – Good & Plenty @ Empire w/ P-Plus
Feb 7 – D’Luxe VIP Lounge inside The Guvernment
Feb 10 – Scratchlab DJ Institute
Feb 12 – ‘Redefinition Radio Show’ Podcast
Feb 12 – Entourage Thursdays @ Van Gogh’s [Guelph]
Feb 13 – Love & Lust Pt. 2 @ Empire w/ P-Plus
Feb 13 – Pink Tape Vol 2 Release Party
Feb 14 – D’Luxe VIP Lounge inside The Guvernment
Feb 17 – Scratchlab DJ Institute
Feb 19 – ‘Redefinition Radio Show’ Podcast
Feb 19 – Entourage Thursdays @ Van Gogh’s [Guelph]
Feb 20 – TBD [Montreal]
Feb 21 – D’Luxe VIP Lounge inside The Guvernment

*Western Canada Tour Pt. 3
Feb 24 – Savage Beagle [Whistler]
Feb 25 – Felicita’s [University of Victoria]
Feb 26 – ‘Redefinition Radio Show’ Podcast
Feb 26 – Tonic Nightclub [Vancouver]
Feb 27 – ‘Hunt FM Radio Appearance’
Feb 27 – Shine Nightclub [Vancouver]
Feb 28 – Gossip Nightclub [Vancouver]
Mar 01 – Opus On 8th [Calgary]

That’s where you can find me on the club/radio side of things during the 1st quarter of ’09.

On top of that, I have a lot of mixtapes to hit you with once again! Last year I brought you mixtapes with the legendary AZ, another Bridging The Gap Series w/Little Brother, a tape with super producer Just Blaze, a Slow Jams & Classic Soul Mixtape, mixtapes with JD Era, the official mixtape for the Rock The Bells Festival, and more..!

This year look out for projects such as: Bridging The Gap TO-VA w/ The Clipse, Entourage w/ Jester, Party Life V2 w/ DJ Tilt, and some rock & electro projects as well..!!

Also, look out for the new website/blog launching within the month, and the site launch for my new-media & communications firm, Mediaphase Inc!

Got work to do,
I’m out!

Ideall Clothing Now Open For Business Online!

My man Be from TheLegendsLeague is a not only a friend, but is also a business partner, a daily dose of motivation, an inspiration, and on top of all that, he just happens to be one of the illest designers on the planet. Yeah.. I said it.

His clothing line IDEALL CLOTHING is an extension of TheLegendsLeague movement, and has been steady snapping necks and attracting quite a lot of attention over the last little while..  Although still in it’s infancy, the line has already dropped some very heavy pieces, selling out at the few spots it is available at.

Fret no more, you can now purchase the goods online! We’re open for business! Don’t sleep!

Live from Hunt FM in Vancouver

For all my DJ’s who pass through Vancouver, make sure you link with my dude Hunt.. The studio is state of the art and a lot of people have recorded there..

Check out the audio here, in the latest podcast installment:

And also here, on his site: